MDI and the importance of the Mythic + system

mythic+This past weekend Blizzard brought the Mythic Dungeon Invitational to Blizzcon.  Although it was an “All Star” appearance, rather than the MDI finale that concluded a few months ago, it was a start to what I hope grows into something bigger.  I mentioned in my previous blog post that I’d like to see Blizzard structure the MDI similarly to the Arena system, where teams compete throughout the year by participating in multiple tournaments and accumulating points to qualify for a Blizzcon finale.  Blizzard has seen how popular the MDI and Mythic + systems are and in as much as Blizzard has iterated on the system to date, it’s something that could become so much more.

While there would be a lot of details to work out in such a system, what I wanted to focus on with this blog post was my worry that Blizzard may strangle Mythic + popularity by making entry into the system too difficult.  In Legion we saw an explosive growth in Mythic + participation; a system totally new to the game that captured the interest of a wide swath of the player base. Not only because it was a great way to farm AP, but also because it gave an alternative path for gear progression,  weapon transmogs, and a few achievements. Continue reading “MDI and the importance of the Mythic + system”


Blizzcon 2018 thoughts

kdc4lhuygqf31541110792499Blizzcon 2018 is in the can, and I have many thoughts to share about it.  Foremost is that I’ve come to strongly believe Blizzcon needs to add a third day in order to better accommodate the variety of eSports entertainment.  Particularly the MDI, which I feel even more strongly needs to conclude at Blizzcon, instead of at a separate mid-year tournament as it did this year. It’s worth noting that the first and second MDIs occurred in Legion and it would have been difficult to bridge that over given BFA’s release.  But moving forward Blizzard should plan the MDI to coincide with Blizzcon as they do the Arena grand finale. They can use periodic qualifying tournaments throughout the year with a point system to determine which top teams ultimately go on to Blizzcon.

Quick tangent regarding the Mythic+.  I’ll have more on this in a separate blog post later, but I think Blizzard needs to exercise great care not to tamp down enthusiasm for Mythic+ at a point when they need it to grow.  Now, back to Blizzcon!

All that being said, I very nearly didn’t watch Blizzcon this year.  I don’t attend in person, but with the exception of one year I couldn’t because of business travel, I’ve always purchased the virtual ticket.  Let us just say that I was ambivalent about purchasing the virtual ticket this year. It was a “last minute” decision made on Thursday night, but for weeks prior I had made up my mind to skip this year because of the price increase and my ebbing enthusiasm for Warcraft.  While I enjoy many other Blizzard games, World of Warcraft is the only one of their stable which I am deeply passionate about. And warcraft is the only Blizzard game I play regularly.

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I have a blog?

PhearalIt appears its been nine months since I last posted to this blog.  Wish I could say I had a good excuse for abandoning it so soon after creating it, but I’d be lieing if I said anything other than pure laziness was the cause.  So let me start over and catch you up with what I’ve been doing these last several months.

Not long after my last post in February I took a few month hiatus from WoW for work and personal reasons.  It wasn’t anything I specifically planned, but I didn’t start playing WoW again until June.  In the intervening time, and for some period  after, I didn’t game a lot.  When I did I was mainly playing World of Warships, and Star Trek Online.

World of Warships is a fun, free to play “shooter” based around you as a warship.  Ships are split into class, tiers, and country of origin.  You earn XP by playing matches and leveling up through a specific class line, and tiers in the country of choice.  Its a bit grindy, though you make quick progress through the bottom tiers, but it begins to take more effort to level up beginning at tier 5 or 6.  Tiers 8 and 9 can take significant effort (read as time investment) before your effort is finally rewarded by achieving tier 10, which is currently the highest achievable level of warships.

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I let go

It’s been quite a while since I inaugurated my blog back in December.  And while it may appear from my lack of update here that nothing has occurred between then and now, nothing could be further from the truth.  I let go, which is to say I server transferred my main and joined Zeroes to Heroes on Stormrage as planned right after the turn of the year.

It’s been nearly two months, and I’m happy to note the move exceeded my every expectation.  The guild is one among a family of confederated guilds.  Its bustling, the players are friendly, and the community culture is inviting and rich.  Coming from my background of years in a guild that wasn’t much like this, it feels a little bit like I’m a child again waking up on Christmas morning.  Even two months later I still find myself smiling when I’m playing, with all the activity going on.  For anyone looking for a similar experience, I invite you to check out SpartySmallwood’s twitch stream.  Watch his streams, and particularly his Best in Slot “stream cast” on Sunday afternoons.  Give him a follow and if you feel the community is for you, use the !Guild command in twitch chat to find out who you can contact about joining.

Letting Go

My first foray into playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) was back in 2002 when I first logged into Star Wars Galaxies.  From that moment until today I’ve been hooked on the style of game, which offers persistence, multiple avenues of progression, and most importantly, the ability and opportunity to play with others.  Even though I’m not the most social of people – it’s not that I don’t want to be – playing with others of like mind is what I enjoy the most in an MMO.   Unfortunately though, that is what I’ve been lacking for the past couple years.

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