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Things have been somewhat slow in EVE for me this last week or so.  I did a little mining, but haven’t had a chance to do any roaming or ratting yet.  I do hope to have some time to do something in EVE this week though.  Actually looking forward to it, not only to be more active but also to start earning some ISK.  While mining is okay, it’s not something I enjoy much.  I’m willing to do it for short periods of time, but I’d much rather be pew pewing.  And as it happens, pew pewing is an excellent way to earn ISK.  Win win!

But ratting isn’t the only thing I hope to be doing by this weekend.  I’m really interested in getting involved with Bombers Bar again, and I also found out yesterday one of my corp mates is an FC for one of the other large roaming groups.  I’ll definitely be hitting him up for some invites soon too.

Outside of that my characters have been sitting in stations for most of the last week training.  I have three accounts active at the moment, though there are two characters training on one of the accounts.  I had transferred that second character from its own account some time ago but will end up transferring it back this month. If you’re paying for a subscription with cash, instead of ISK, It’s actually cheaper to keep two accounts active than have multiple character training active on a single account. Tell me that makes sense….

I want to keep two of my accounts active, but whether I keep more than that is something I’ll have to consider more.  Long term I want to take both of main characters back out into Null Sec, and those would be the accounts I’d definitely keep active.  But I’d also had industrial aspirations.  I simply lackthe ISK to do what I want to do with that now. As I get back into the pew pew side of things I may decide to shelve those industrial plans, in which case I probably wouldn’t keep those two accounts active.  Like I said, it’s something I need to consider more.

While there’s always some level of activity going on in EVE,it sure does seem more placid than I recall in the past.  Are there any major wars going on at this time?  If there are, you’d never know it out in hisec.  In the past you may not have had specific details, but you knew something big was going on because the market was moving fast.  You’d never have any problem selling minerals, but many of the minerals I’ve carted to Jita have been up for a week and still haven’t sold. I’ve even stopped adjusting price and will just let them sit there until their market time runs out.  The marketi n Ours looks all but dead.  Even in the past, Ours was never one of the larger markets in Eve, but it feels like a cemetery these days.  Haven’t made it out to Dod or Amarr yet to get a feel for those markets yet.

There isn’t even much ganking going on as far as I can tell. At least not to the extent I remember there being.  Ganking miners in hisec was a pretty big thing a few years back and everyone was talking about it.  But I haven’t heard a peep, nor seen anything to lead me to believe it’s much of an issue these days.

Every time I log in I take note of the number of “captains”logged into EVE.  Normally it fluctuates between 21k and 31k but seems pretty solid. I don’t think this number denotes the number of players, so much as the number of accounts logged in.  So I’m also wondering if my perceived lower level of activity is related to some decline in players over the years?

Whether my perception is real or imagined, I’m enjoying playing EVE again, and probably will be for some time.  Stay tuned for more exciting (or not) updates in the future!


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  1. Ratting has been accomplished. Did two sites quick to knock the rust off, but unfortunately that’s all I have time for tonight because it took so long to get my ratter and salvage ship moved and fitted out. Tomorrow I’ll move over a couple systems for better sites.

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