EVE Online Update

I really want to drop bombs on someone

Since my last update, I did make a point of logging in and being more active.  Thankfully I’ve been able to find time to get in several hours of ratting over the last several days, including a couple hours today.  I’ve been looking forward to getting back to that, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.  Sadly, I’m still spending more ISK than I’m making, but I do expect to turn that around here soon.

I’d also mentioned previously I hoped to get involved with Bombers Bar again, though I just haven’t had that kind of time.  Maybe after the holidays I’ll see what I can do.  But for now my time in EVE will be invested in Ratting, exploring, and the odd bit of mining.  Also, I’m still consolidating things.  My primary goal in playing EVE — and I am officially playing again and splitting time with WoW (more on this later) is to find a good, healthy, corporation out in Nullsec, and move out there to take part in the fun again.  It’s been several years and the excitement of engaging in fleet battles again is growing in me by the day.

In the past I had several accounts active, but for now I think I’ll be sticking with three.  And I’ve had those accounts active for the last month.  As a matter of fact two of those accounts renew their subscriptions tomorrow, while the third renews next week.  And instead of renewing month-to-month, I’ve already gone ahead and renewed for an entire year on the first two accounts, and will do the same for the third next week.  So I’m locked in.  As I said, I’m officially playing again, but more on it later.

So a couple things continue to strike me as odd.  I mentioned last week how dead I thought Oursulaert.  It was never a major market hub, though it was certainly an extremely busy secondary market hub in years past.  But now it feels all but deserted and I’m not sure why.  I haven’t been out to Amarr or Minmatar space to see how things feel out there, but I’m wondering if its that there really aren’t that many wars going on at the moment or something else.

The second thing that has really struck me is the dramatic change in meta since I last seriously played.  Big blingy ships for ratting and mission running are apparently out, and smaller, drone boats are in.  And what did CCP do to my Tengu?  I was looking at it this morning and none of my old fits work any longer.  Looks like there was a pretty serious balancing with the Tengu (and other Strategic Cruisers??) at some point in the past and now few people are running those for missions.  I’ve been trying to sell one on contract at a major mission hub in Caldari space 3 weeks, but thus far there hasn’t been a single nibble.  I recall a couple years ago when I last played I sold off a spare Loki in contracts, which took all of a week.  Tengus used to sell like hot cakes and here I have a blingy spare up on contracts for 3 weeks gathering dust?

I admit, it makes a lot of sense to run around in a VNI which costs less than a tenth of what a good Tengu mission runner would cost.  But VNI just feels so less satisfying at the end of the day.  I love the action of launching missiles, but with my VNI I get to watch my drones plink ships while I orbit something.  Maybe its an acquired taste that I just haven’t acquired yet?  I’ll do it, but no one said I have to like it!