New EVE Home

I have a new EVE home

I’ve relayed the difficulties I’ve had in the previous instances of playing EVE Online. I was never able to find a solid fit anywhere in my previous stints in EVE. It can be difficult to find an active corp, that remains active for a long period. But I’d had a lot of fun in Nullsec when I was last there in 2010, and coming back to EVE this time, it was one of my top goals to head back out. I had planned to start my search for a corporation after the holidays, with Spring as my deadline for finding one to call home. But I’d actually been looking around for at least a couple of weeks already. And after a pretty significant amount of hours looking at various options, it came down to BRAVE and PANDEMIC HORDE.

Both Alliances/Corporations are “new player” friendly, and essentially take anyone without the muss or fuss of ESI to deal with initially. Over the Christmas weekend I compared and contrasted the two, and Wednesday I’d decided I like Pandemic Horde better. Finally, last night I joined up and moved out to my new home system in O-VWPB. Its in Germinate, which looks and feels much the same as Vale of the Silent that I called home with my Alliance (Northern Coalition) back in 2010. I like Gurista space, and since its right next door to the Forge (Jita!) it served as the final enticement. I’d been operating out of the Forge for years, and I’m happy that my base of ops — in Nullsec and Hisec are still fairly centralized on the map. It’ll make it much less messy to jump things in and out when I need to down the road. 1 jump, both ways. Or 2 jumps out from Jita.

Those that follow me on Twitter probably saw my comments over the weekend about relocating all my stuff back to Caldari space from Gallente space. More than a month ago I was doing the reverse, spending some days hauling a fair bit of ships and equipment 30 jumps from my old system to my new. And over the course of 3-4 days this last weekend I made that long trek back. The silver lining to the effort is that I’ve never had a cleaner, or better organized set of personal property in Eve since I started playing 10 years ago. Even when I made the move to Gallente space in November, I still had a bunch of stuff strewn across several diverse systems. But no longer. Going into Null I wanted to ensure I cleaned up and turned the lights off. Now my stuff out in Hisec is contained in 3 stations. Jita being one of them.

With jump clones installed in the systems I wanted to ensure I could clone back to as needed, I made the final preparation to remotely set my home station to O-VWPB, then left station to self destruct my pod. 2 minutes later I was out in Null to start another chapter in my character’s life. Have to say, this first 24 hours has been almost overwhelming. The pure amount of information Horde provides you takes some getting through. They’ve thought of virtually everything and have a a bulletin, article, or forum post ready to answer whatever question you may have. And additionally, have a cadre of helpful corp mates standing by to provide free tier 1 ships, skill books, skill plans, as well as answer any other questions you might have. I’m told most large alliances have similar programs, but this is a different experience than I had back in 2010 with NC. I entered Null completely unprepared, and unknowing. But my eyes were opened very quickly, then.

This time around I’m more prepared, and Horde NBI members will make sure they ease me into whatever else for I’m not.