Tranquility Trading Tower saved as Pandemic Horde decline battle

After Saturday night’s festivities in Perimeter, I, and many other of my line member comrades in Pandemic Horde, were looking forward to the prospect of returning to battle over the Armor timer Monday night.  But, alas, it wasn’t to be.  PH and friends did not return and the Tranquility Trading Tower Keepstar was fully repaired by Test.  In any event, I had the timer incorrect.  It occurred during Monday afternoon when I was at work, so wouldn’t have been able to join in the battle either way.  But it turns out Test pulled a PH, and decided to provoke a response after their Keepstar was repped.  Apparently there was instead, some fun, in Oijanen Monday afternoon, which resulted in many fireworks, and ended with Supers being dropped.

So there I was Monday afternoon, stuck at work, hearing about all the goings on and feeling a strong sense of disappointment.  I get it.  From the PH and PANFAM perspective, we didn’t need to fight over the TTT armor timer.  Saturday night’s TTT battle wasn’t the primary objective, no matter how fun it ended up being.  Strategically, PH achieved its objective.  So while we apparently had no intention of escalating in perimeter Monday, I know I’m not alone in wishing we had.  I was still hyped up and wasn’t sated yet.  Turns out I didn’t have to wait long after getting home to find something else to do.  A ping went out about two stations needing defense, with the first station coming out of reinforcement about 2 hours ahead of the other.  I was able to fleet for the first defense, but not the second.

But this time I didn’t fleet up to pew pew, but rather to apply some soothing logi to those in need.  I’d been wanting to get into logi for quite a while, actually training most of the skills needed back in 2010-2012.  All I had to finish was Logi 5, though I have a few nagging rep drone skills to finish up soon and still in need of Amaar Cruiser 5 and Minmatar Cruiser 5.  For now, I can fly Basilisk/Osprey, Augoror, and Scythe.  I may not fleet as logi all the time from here on, but I expect I’ll be doing it for most large battles.  I wasn’t sure what to expect Monday night, and figured it was as good a time as any to begin my logi career.

As things happened, the battle was relatively minor.  We lost only 3 mainline doctrine ships, though the TEST/GOON fleet lost significantly more and bugged out within 15 minutes of hostilities commencing.  I assumed going into the battle that I wouldn’t have any problems getting a few killmails, having my trusty set of drones standing by.  Unfortunately, it became apparent that simply wasn’t going to be the case.  With 100km or more dividing the fleets at all times, it was outside drone range.  History won’t record the fact I was there Monday night, though I’d like to think those I helped to save appreciate me.  Even if they don’t know my name.

More interestingly, however was the aftermath of the battles.  Apparently it’s not possible to have a battle; for there to be winners, and losers, and the loser rogers up “GF” and carries on.  Apparently, if a defending force, protecting its own space, acts according to its best interest, ruffles sensitive feathers.  Yesterday we we’re treated to another litany of despair regarding capital ships and certain tactics, making it impossible for attackers looking for “gud fights”.

Unlike many, I harbor no illusions regarding space bushido.  There is none.  Its human nature, after all, that a person, or group, will use whatever force is at their disposal to defend themselves.  Even if it’s overwhelming force.  PH owes nothing more to TEST that to act in its own interest.  And in fact, this is exactly what TEST did when PL/NC were attacking it in the south.  PL/NC deployed south without supers and it went no better for them than the recent TEST deployment in the north.  An attacking force has responsibility to bring whatever force it deems necessary to achieve its goal.  And upon finding that to have failed, decisions have to be made.

If anything, the new drama simply illustrates that certain people want their cake, and to eat it too.  Even while advocating for the removal of super capital class ships all together, they maintain their own very large super capital fleet.  And don’t hesitate to use them when it best suits.  Which is to say, often. 

But there are also those wanting defenders to “fight fair”.  In other words, fight in a manner which they dictate, because reasons.   The situation in question occurred during the fights between PANFAM and TEST/GOONS Monday night at the two PH Fortizars.  We arrived first, ahead of the ref timer and tethered up on the station to see what would happen.  Not long after a combined TEST/GOON fleet arrived about 100km off and didn’t approach.  Our FC soon sent tackle down to tackle whatever they could, and simultaneously had carriers send Sirens (also tackle).  Anything the FC called out was soon alpha’d off the field.  TEST/GOONS warped off and back a couple times, and in between we’d tether up again.  This specific tactic apparently runs afoul of someone’s idea of fairness.

But there’s an inconvenient fact here that is being ignored.  Ships on tether can’t target, or fight, without losing tether.  Making them targetable, and attackable, in return.  It also belays the point that TEST used tether on their TTT Keepstar Saturday night.  Which in no way stopped us from attacking the station, ultimately prompted TEST to untether in order to attack, in turn.  The fact we were tethering didn’t stop TEST/GOONS from attacking either of our Fortizars, and we could not have remained tethered and simultaneously defended the stations.  The drama over the tactic is simply a red herring.

Most often I’ve found drama, such as this, to be a thin veneer thrown over failure.  It’s easier to cast blame elsewhere rather than face up to personal mistakes.  Whether those be in tactics, inability to execute, or something else.  But doing so is a tremendous obstacle to long term success.  You can’t learn from mistakes if you never accept that mistakes were made.  Some learn that in time, others won’t.

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  1. It was repped up Monday afternoon when we didn’t show. Don’t think we’ve attacked it again since, though there was another big battle in Perimeter yesterday when we defended a timer. Of course that was going on when I was at work to…


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