I wasn’t always a gamer until well into adulthood, and especially so these last 15+ years when I discovered the rich world of entertainment that can truly be found within the confines of the various games I’ve played since then.  I’m the kind of gamer that fixates on a few games over long periods, but since early 2005 my mainstay has been the World of Warcraft.  No other game has held my rapt attention, and within WoW there is no class that I love so much as the Druid.  This blog is my creative outlet to discuss those games, and subjects that I care most about.  But most especially my character and the Druid class in WoW and other games/venues.

World of Warcraft
Phearal – Stormrage – lvl 120 Alliance Druid
Phearal – Area 52 – lvl 120 Horde Druid

Other MMO’s I’ve played (some I still play from time to time)
Star Wars Galaxies
Star Trek Online
Star Wars The Old Republic
Warhammer Online
Lord of the Rings Online
Dungeons & Dragons Online
Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Nights
EVE Online