Quick Update

Staying active during the holidays

I haven’t posted in a while, so it must seem like nothing really is going on with me recently. But nothing could be further from the truth. It’s the holidays and I’ve been extremely busy all month, and most especially these last two weeks. I haven’t gamed as much as I normally do, but what gaming I have been doing has almost entirely been centered around EVE Online (more on this in my next blog post). I’ve only logged into WoW on Christmas morning for the gifts, and a couple other times in the last week or so for random stuff. Sad to say, my motivation level for WoW is about a 1 or 2 on a 10 point scale, right now. I was hoping patch 8.1 was going to improve that for me, but it unfortunately didn’t. Enough about that, though. This post isn’t to bash WoW, and frankly there’s enough of that going around without me adding to it.

As I said, I’ve been busy. In addition to the normal holiday stuff, I’ve done a lot of walking. Averaging about 6-7 miles per day (9-11 km), I hope to increase that to at least 10 miles (16 km) per day by Spring. But for now the 6-7 miles I am walking amounts to about an hour walk, with the remainder coming from normal daily activity. The daily temperature where I live has remained around mid/high 40’s into the low 50’s most days, which is fine for walking. If it gets colder than that I find I have trouble with overheating because I bundle up too much to remain warm at the start. Its a layers issue that I’ll eventually figure out. But for now I’m going to ride the “pleasant” weather while it lasts. I know as we move into January it has a tendency to get a lot colder, so there may be a period where I have to go back to using my treadmill.

That’s not such a bad situation, you may be saying to yourself right now. But I’ve also recently started playing Pokemon Go. And I normally hit several gyms and stops along my walking routes. None of which are accessible to me from my treadmill. So no, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if the weather turns much colder. But I’m not ashamed of wishing it to remain tepid so I can stay active and walk out doors. I never thought I’d find myself playing Pokemon, but I rather enjoy it. Its something to do while I walk. Gives me a little more motivation to keep going than I otherwise already had.

But playing Pokemon Go while walking isn’t the only thing that keeps my occupied while ticking off the miles. I also normally listen to podcasts, or if I’m caught up on those, my favorite play lists on Spotify. I have a core set of podcasts I love to listen to, but I’ve discovered a few others recently that have me rapt. Plug in the earphones, turn on the podcast or music, and away down the road I go. Its been an extremely enjoyable way of unwinding from the business.

Speaking of business, tonight is the first night since early in the month that my wife and I are going out on a date night. We’re heading out to see Aquaman this evening. I’d been on the fence about seeing it but a few friends have all told me it was good. One going on to tell me that it was almost as good as Wonder Woman. Frankly that was the comment that tipped me over. DC hasn’t had the best reputation for developing movies, and after the debacle that was Justice League I was just shy of deciding never to see another DC movie in the theater. So, tonight will be a bit of a second chance for DC. I doubt they’ll get a third from me.

Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday. Whether you believe, or not; whether you’re Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim, or whatever; I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!